Col P.A Filbert

My Dear Old Friend,

To day I had the gratification to receive your friendly note through your brother William. I had almost abandoned the belief, so long entertained, that any Mutual friendship really continued to exist between us, but I am led to attribute our tardiness in corresponding, to procrastination on both sides. Passing over the unpleasant reminiscences of the past I will endeavor to answer your enquiries,as best I can. So far as the Regiment is concerned, we are getting along about as usual, with an occasional jarring, and shall undoubtedly continue so to the expiration of our term of service; with the exception however, that some of discordant elements, have become detached and selected other and different affinities, whether brought about by by force of circumstances or through true and genuine Congeniality, your subscriber does not undertake to decide, Suffice it to state that time and circumstances, bring about very strange combinations.

Myself and two Lieutenants,are working together as harmoniously as could be expected, although there is not much love lost between the two Lieutenants. The men of Co B. are all very well, except Corp Snyder who has a slight cold. Geo Nagle having had the Diarrhoea and Rheumatism, was sent to Douglas U. S. Hospital at Washington, Charles Williams wounded at Fredericksburg May 3, and Corp Jones wounded at Rappahannock Station Nov 7. are also in General Hospitals Jerimiah Sterner has been discharged on account of wounds received May 3d. Christian Siebert and August Wolf have been transferred to the Invalid Corps. We have forty men equipped and present for duty,being still the largest Company except Co. H.

Last Tuesday our Brigade now commanded by Col. Upton (Genl Bartlet comanding the 1st Div. 5th Corps ). Changed camps,from the Plantation of Hon.John Minor Botts on the south side of Aestham River, to a large belt of timberland on the Plantation of a Mr. Major, on the north side of the River. We have only one Field Officer (Lessig ) who holds a Colonels Commission, but cannot be mustered as such, as our Regiment is lacking the minumum number and is not entitled to a Colonel, He therefore commands the Regiment with the rank of Liet Col. He has been absent, as a witness in the Acker trial before the U. S. District Court at Philadelphia, since Nov. 17th ult. and the Regiment is temporarily Commanded by Capt James Russel. Our Staff( Commissioned ) consists of Dr Bland Surgeon --- Dr Light (of Lebanon) Asst Surgeon --- Quartermaster Schweers, and Lieut Hannum, Acting Adjutant --- Noncommissioned Staff E J Phillips, Sergt Major --- Gab Shollenberger, Quartermaster Sergt and old Dampman, Com. Sergt. Doctors Shomo and Eagle have both been discharged.

My health continues --- as it has been for several months past --- remarkably good --- In August I had a relapse of my Sciatica, but I have now completely recovered from that disease. William is quite well, and his deportment for obedience to orders, has been very good since his return. Please remember me to your parents, brothers &c and accept my best wishes for your health, comfort and happiness.


Your Friend,

Levi Huber

Haas has been away from the Regiment since the middle of July last. When he with others went to Philadelphia for Conscripts --- what he is kept there for I do not know --- as he certainly will not get any conscripts --- . Charges are pending against Capt James Russell and Lieut Oberreuder, Capt Harlan of Co A. & Lieut Brennen of Co. F .--- for "Drunkeness, Conduct, unbecoming Officers and Gentlemen" --- and "Conduct prejudicial to good order & military discipline" The first two are what --- in Civil Courts --- would be called "cross actions," the 4th is brought by Sergeant of Co F. & the 3rd by Capt James Russel --- I shall be pleased to hear from You soon.

L . H .

Envelope addressed:

Col. P. A. Filbert PineGrove Schuylkill County Penna. Postmarked